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Roy's NYC studio has serves as headquarters for all of his creative projects.  It houses a partial collection of his eclectic musical instruments and sonic tools.  He also has a duplicate studio on Long Island's gold coast, as well as another fully-portable studio rig.

236 West 27th Street

Suite 701

New York, New York 10001

T. 212.231.9797

Below are some photos from other studios Roy has built and worked at throughout his career.

Home Studio1989-2000

I built my first studio in the basement of my parent's house in Bellerose, Jamaica Queens. It started off with a Tascam 644 Cassette four-track, until eventually my younger brother Kenneth and I expanded it into the room you see below.  In it's heyday we had a Sound Workshop Series 34 Console along with 24 digital tracks of Tascam DA-88.  I was also using a MAC IIci computer with a very primitive version of Pro Tools.  Because of my musical gear obsession, I could only afford to drive a beat-up 1986 Chevy Celebrity sedan, whose cassette deck's pitch would rise as the car accelerated.

Studio H at Clack / Hothead 1996-2003

After I left my assistant engineer position at Superdupe Studios on Madison Avenue, I was hired to run the machine-room at Tom Clack's CLACK Studios.  Eventually, Tom let me move some of my gear into Studio H and begin doing sessions.  Technically speaking, It should have been named "Studio G", but Tom was afraid my clients would begin referring to it as "The G-Spot", so it became Studio H instead.

Studio A, B, & C at Editional Effects 2003-2008

Eventually I partnered with Editional Effects to build and run their audio division. The first person I hired was my brother Ken, and together we built three really great audio suites.  When he left for California, he convinced me to fill his vacancy with a young percussion-playing intern who would show up to drink our beer every Friday night.  Sean Barry took over his room, and has been with me ever since.

Studio A, B, & C at SkinnyMan 2008-2016

After we closed EENYC, we successfully rebranded the audio division as "SkinnyMan".  We successfully managed to do business in one of the world's highest rent locations (Times Square's Paramount Building) for eight years!