Editional Effects Helps Nickelodeon Promote New Talking Blue 03.30.2004      


New York City (March 30, 2004)--Manhattan-based Editional Effects recently took up the challenge from Nickelodeon to craft 20 promos and interstitials publicizing a special episode of Blue's Clues in which Blue talks for the first time. Each of Editional Effects' departments worked in a coordinated effort to produce the series of spots for Blue Talks, one of Nick Jr.'s pillar events for this season.

"The objective was to make a splash promoting Nickelodeon's newly added show segment where Blue goes into her own special room and is able to speak," said Amanda Hughes, senior Avid editor. "Blue always barked, but now she will be much more interactive with her audience. Kids will get to know what she's thinking, and they will be encouraged to talk back."

"We also completed all the sound effects for the promos and recorded the voice over for Blue with a 12 year-old girl's voice," said Roy Harter, senior audio engineer and co-owner of the audio division of Editional Effects. "It was a challenge replacing the puppeteer's voice with the girl's voice and working with pre-existing music from the show. Nickelodeon's promo producer, Dema Hanna, gave us a lot of freedom and trusted our musical instincts to have fun with the way the program sounded."

"It was a big project with a lot of elements and I needed a facility that could handle all my needs for this groundbreaking campaign," said Dema Hanna, producer, Nickelodeon On-Air Promos. "Editional Effects understands our brand and adapts to it brilliantly. I was extremely happy with the outcome. The best thing about Editional is the people that work there. They are down to earth, professional, and they are the most talented people I've worked with in the business."